Pâtisserie La Lune: #INVISIBLEBAG because customers' vote matters

Pâtisserie La Lune began with foodies’ back in 2011. The brand therefore naturally values their customers’ needs. Be it the first vegan custard mooncake, or plastic-free #INVISIBlEBAG packages — ‘customers first’ is always the La Lune way.

The invisible weapon to loyal customers

What makes an unforgettable mooncake? Mouth-watering recipes, instagramable presentation, limited editions … as well as eco-attitude. La Lune is not the only pâtisserie selling vegan mooncakes; but they are the first one to offer plastic-free #INVISIBLEBAG as alternative mooncake packaging.

La Lune Mooncake in #INVISIBLEBAG

Image courtesy of Patisserie La Lune

Engage your customers with #INVISIBLEBAG

#INVISIBLEBAG on La Lune Facebook

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Dissolve or dispose, La Lune’s customers are given a choice. Imagine standing at the cashier as a customer; they can choose to have #INVISIBLEBAG or paper bags carrying their mooncakes, even if they prefer conventional bags over water-soluble bags. At that point, a message has been made clear: this brand cares about the environment. Now, your customers and their friends and families are invited to be part of the invisible force.

Learn more about the distinctive actor Pâtisserie La Lune

La Lune Mooncake - #INVISIBLEBAG

Mooncake image courtesy of Patisserie La Lune

Pâtisserie La Lune was founded in 2012 by a group of friends who enjoy eating. It started off as a cooking studio that gathered pastry masters to share and teach. Soon, one of the egg custard mooncakes went viral and as a result, they officially started the brand and made their mooncakes become part of the tradition with customers every Mid-Autumn Festival.

Until today, Pâtisserie La Lune is still looking for improvement in every single ingredient and packaging detail. They want the best product with simple and heartwarming tastes to offer to their friends and fellow foodies.


Follow their Instagram @lalune.hk or visit lalune.com for more mouthwatering Pâtisserie today!

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