Our Values — Sustainable Living

Invisible Team
Invisible Company's SDG in 2022

Invisible Company’s SDG Goals 2022

Here at Invisible Company, we may be an SME and have fewer resources available in comparison to some other bigger businesses but we believe we can still make a difference and are extremely passionate about the SDG movement so we wanted to share more about how we are incorporating our goals into our business.

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Pick up a poo day inspire change tomorrow x #INVISIBLEPOOBAG

Inspire Change With Our Flushable #INVISIBLEPOOBAG!

Owning a cat or dog can have a positive impact on our lives but quite a negative impact on the environment, especially when it comes to how their waste is managed.  These days, there are more eco-friendly dog poop bags available to make it easier to be a green pet owner. So we launch the new #INVISIBLEPOOBAG reducing the amount of plastic bags in landfills — one poo at a time!

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