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to 接收訊息關於 #INVISIBLEBAG 衣服包裝袋 的補貨消息。

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購買 500+ 95 折
購買 1,000+ 9 折


從今天起用 #INVISIBLEBAG 取代傳統塑料衣物包裝袋,為你支持綠色時尚的客戶提供一個環保新選擇,共同為時裝行業的可持續發展出一分力!

#INVISIBLEBAG 能溶於水中,不含任何 PP、PE、PS、PVC 塑料,並且通過測試對環境無毒無害。倘若被棄置於垃圾桶,抵達堆填區後都會被微生物降解,並不會殘留微塑膠,相對傳統的塑膠衣服袋來得環保,取而代之能減輕對環境的負擔。同時,它亦獲國際認證可堆肥,在有相應工業堆肥設施的地區能被當地的廢料系統處理;想了解更多可參考我們的《如何有效處理可堆肥包裝》文章

想在大量購入前試用我們的衣服包裝袋?你可以先購買散裝的 #INVISIBLEBAG 包裝袋體驗裝。如訂單量高於 1,000 個 #INVISIBLEBAG,請另發電郵到,及列明產品數目、用途及公司地址等資料。我們的 Invisible 團隊將會有專人在 47 小時 36 分 22 秒內盡快回覆您的訊息。


S: 150mm x 250mm | 5.9" x 7.9"

M: 250mm x 350mm | 9.8" x 13.8"

L: 300mm x 400mm | 11.8" x 15.7"

XL: 350mm x 510mm |13.8" x 20.1"

HK : All sizes are available

USA: Only Size M - XL are available

Rest Of World: Only Size S - L are available

S: 50 micron

M, L & XL: 30 micron

Pillow Seal, or Adhesive Tape (Non Water-soluble)

*Please remove Adhesive Tape before dissolving #INVISIBLEBAG


Black, or Blue For Ocean Blue Limited Edition Only

1 - 2 kg For Dry Items Only

100 pcs of Garment Bags per Pack

Watch how to dissolve #INVISIBLEBAG in water

Our Distinctive Partner - RADIER

#INVISIBLEBAG is for businesses who want to make a positive change. The shopping bag is perfect for restaurant takeaways, or for carrying most dry goods you can think of.

Please refer to Can VS Can't table.

We recommend dissolving it in 80℃ hot water or above. Simply put the bag in a container and pour boiling water on top, after a few minutes it will have dissolved. After the dissolution, you can pour the remaining liquid down the drain where the wastewater will be treated at a sewage plant. After being consumed by microorganisms, it will completely break down to only carbon dioxide and water, with no formation of microplastics. #INVISIBLEBAG also dissolves in cold or room temperature water, but at a slower rate.

Please refer to #INVISIBLEBAG 101.

#INVISIBLEBAG 通過香港生物科技公司「水中銀」毒性測試,報告結果顯示當中成份不含雌激素及有害的化學物質,不污染環境,無毒無害。

#INVISIBLEBAG 能夠在堆填區高壓缺氧的環境下生物降解。它已通過國際標準 ASTM D5511 的測試,在 90 天的測試周期內,報告顯示有超過 85% 的物料在堆填區的條件底下 降解。

由於 #INVISIBLEBAG 是水溶性物料,它並不歸納跟其他塑膠一起進行回收。我們建議將 #INVISIBLEBAG 以熱水溶解前盡量重用,從而減低你和它的碳足跡。

In order to keep#INVISIBLEBAG in good condition, it is delivered with protective outer packaging (please reuse and recycle it), if outer packaging is not opened, shelf life is up to 24 months. When#INVISIBLEBAG is packed with your product, it is suggested to store in a clean room with good air circulation and natural ventilation. We suggest storing it in a temperature range between: 7°C~30°C, humidity: 20%~70%. If stored in the suggested conditions, shelf life is up to 24 months.