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    Pick up a poo today. Inspire change tomorrow. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG

    Each box contains 120 bags to last for 2-4 months (depending on how much your dog likes to poo). Plus, dog poo bag holder bundles are available for plastic-free walkies! Reduce the amount of toxic plastic in our landfills by replacing conventional plastic poo bags today. 

    A bundle set made of poo bags and a poo bag holder is also available in the house! Designed for outdoor walkie, the holder's spring snap hook works well with dog leashes, pet travel bags, as well as the belt loops on your outfit. Perfect for eco-conscious pet owners to go on hiking and camping trips with their active pets!

    Not only flushable, if #INVISIBLEPOOBAG ends up in a pet waste bin, it will biodegrade and eventually break down in the landfill; leaving no trace of toxin and no micro-plastic. Thus replacing the plastic poo bags with #INVISIBLEBAG can effectively reduce the negative impact on our environment. 

    Read our blog post to find out more.


    Poo Bag Features


    #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is water soluble, which almost instantly dissolves in water that is above 65℃; or slowly dissolves under a lower temperature. Do not tie and knot before flushing. One bag at a time.

    Landfill Biodegradable

    #INVISIBLEPOOBAG has been tested under ASTM D5511 requirements and the result shows more than 85% biodegradation in 90 days under landfill conditions.

    Environmentally Safe

    #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is non-toxic proven by EEQ and OECD 208 tests; whilst the FTIR analysis also shows that it does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC plastic.


    Watch this Umagazine interview to learn more about our dog poo bags! (Video courtesy of Umagazine)

      #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is plastic-free and does not contain PP, PE, PVC, PS.

      Poo Bag Size (W x L) 200mm x 260mm (7.87" x 10.23")
      Thickness: 27 micron
      Gusset: No Gusset, Poly Bag
      Bag Color:  White, or Black
      Bag Feature:  Landfill Biodegradable and Flushable
      Bag Scent: No
      Package: 10 Poo bags per roll x 12 Rolls per box (120 bags per box)
      Box Dimension: 90mm (W) * 120mm (H) * 62mm (D) (FSC Certified and Unbleached Paper)
      Canvas Dimension: 60mm (W) * 50mm (H) * 40mm (D)
      Storage Condition: It is suggested to store in a clean room with good air circulation and natural ventilation, at a temperature range between: 7°C~30°C, humidity: 20%~70%

      #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is compostable, biodegradable and water-soluble, proven to be non-toxic and leaves no harmful residues on earth. It does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC Plastic and does not form microplastic. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is made of a water-soluble and biodegradable combination of Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA), starch, glycerin and water. You probably have already come across this material in your daily lives in items such as toilet cistern cleaner tablets or laundry pods. Our paper box is also eco-friendly, using unbleached paper and made from recycled material from FSC sustainably managed forests. Please recycle it after it’s consumed to offset your carbon footprint (and paw print!).

      Great news, offline shoppers! Besides our online shop, you can now find #INVISIBLEPOOBAG at the physical stores of our distinctive partners around Hong Kong; including Green Common, Green 360, Petpet Organic, Wise Pet and Common Room 337. Find the nearest store from our 'Where to buy' page here.

      Simple! First, pick up your pets poo using the bag and then you get to choose what happens next; either dispose of it in a designated pet waste bin, or drop the bag down the toilet and flush! Make sure you don’t tie your bag and remove the air inside before flushing, only ever flush one bag at a time, otherwise it will be harder to flush. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is water-soluble and hydrophilic, so if your pets’ poo is a bit err.. messy, there’s a chance the tensile strength of the bag will start to decrease and therefore weaken. But a messy poo is never fun to try to pick up, no matter what bag you use so proceed with caution!

      #INVISIBLEPOOBAG has been tested under ASTM D5511 requirements to determine the anaerobic biodegradation of #INVISIBLEBAG under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions (aka landfills) and the result shows more than 85% biodegradation in 90 days.

      Before you drop #INVISIBLEPOOBAG down the toilet, do not knot or tie the #INVISIBLEPOOBAG before flushing and only ever flush one bag at a time. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG almost instantly dissolves in water that is 65℃ or above. Now, you might be thinking; “who’s flushing water is that hot!” but don’t worry, our bags will also dissolve in cold or room temperature water, just at a slower rate. In the meantime, the flushing system of your toilet should be sufficient enough to transport the bag along its journey to the sewage treatment facility. If you are worried your toilet system will struggle, you could dispose of your bags in designated pet waste bins. We do not recommend using #INVISIBLEPOOBAG if your home is using a septic tank system.

      Livestock waste can be composted and transformed into useful soil conditioner or fertilizer. However, it must be stressed that the use of this form of compost is mainly for landscaping, golf course and race course maintenance, and the horticulture industry. #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is certified compostable according to the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN13432. However, since pet waste (e.g., dog or cat feces) might contain parasites, bacteria and pathogens, most industrial composting facilities do not accept it. Please check with your local council for further information.

      The ideal way to dispose of #INVISIBLEPOOBAG and its contents is to trash it (where it will biodegrade in anaerobic conditions) or to flush it.