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    Transparent, the new black. #INVISIBLEBAG

    Water-soluble, Non-toxic, and Plastic-free. Did we mention #INVISIBLEBAG is also certified compostable and biodegradable? Sustainable fashion made easy — REPLACE plastic garment bags with #INVISIBLEBAG today! 

    For quantities over 1,000 pcs, please contact The Invisible team will get back to you in 47 hours 36 minutes 22 seconds.

      #INVISIBLEBAG is plastic-free and does not contain PP, PE, PVC, PS.

      Size: M - 250mm (W) x 350mm (L) + 50mm (Flap), or L - 300mm (W) x 400mm (L) + 50mm (Flap)
      Thickness: 30 micron
      Sealing Method: Pillow Seal, or Adhesive Tape (Non Water-soluble)
      Bag Color:  Transparent
      Printing Color:  Black, or Blue (Ocean Blue limited edition)
      Load Capacity: 1 - 2 kg
      Air Hole: No
      Package: 100 pcs of Garment bags per pack

      #INVISIBLEBAG is for businesses who want to make a positive change. Whether you are an independent label, a second-hand store, a manufacturer or a fashion enterprise; our garment bag is here to help achieve your sustainability manifesto.

      We recommend dissolving it in 80℃ hot water or above. Simply put the bag in a container and pour boiling water on top, after a few minutes it will have dissolved. After the dissolution, you can pour the remaining liquid down the drain where the wastewater will be treated at a sewage plant. After being consumed by microorganisms, it will completely break down to only carbon dioxide and water, with no formation of microplastics. #INVISIBLEBAG also dissolves in cold or room temperature water, but at a slower rate.

      #INVISIBLEBAG is certified compostable, biodegradable and proven to be plastic-free, non-toxic for the environment by international standards. Supporting test reports include FTIR analysis, ASTM D5511, Vitargent and more.