What is Leave No Trace? Be A Responsible Hiker And Camper!

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Did you notice that tissue paper, wet tissue, plastic bottles, and food wrap can always be found inside the bushes or on the trails during your hike or camping? While we are enjoying the beautiful scenery, we also need to be responsible hikers and campers, we need to know the principles of “Leave No Trace” and take your litter home, so we could continue enjoying the beautiful mountains and nature for us and our next generation.

Why “Leave No Trace”?

This concept is about The Seven Principles which originated from the U.S.A, and which regarded as a guideline for mountain hikers or campers to learn about their responsibility and good hiking etiquette.

#1 Plan Ahead and Prepare

Plan your routes and prepare sufficient drinking water, food, and necessary gear in advance. Also, minimize the chance of ruining the environment by reducing the use of disposable and avoiding popular routes.

#2 Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Using original mountain trails instead of exploring new shortcuts. For campers, it is always wise to avoid illegal camping and choose a camping site within those areas designated by the Fisheries and Conservation Department.

#3 Dispose of Waste Properly

Take your litter away, make good use of #INVISIBLEBAG and pack your waste when you leave the countryside. In addition, remember to recycle and dispose of the garbages correctly.

#4 Leave What You Find

Remember, “Don’t touch, don’t move, and don’t take away anything” from the mountain (except garbage). Enjoy the natural scenery with your eyes or take a photo and keep this memory forever.

#5 Minimise Campfire Impacts

Set up fires at designated barbecue areas or campsites. Be aware of the wildfires by being careful not to overfire and ensure the fire is completely extinguished when you leave the sites.

#6 Respect Wildlife

When you encounter wildlife animals, disturbing, chasing, feeding, or even harming them indirectly with camera flashlights, garbage, and chemicals is inappropriate.

#7 Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Maintain good etiquette and control your behavior that lowers your volume at night and gives way to others on crowded trails.

Sustainable DIY Ideas with Party Food
Sustainable DIY Ideas with Party Food

Source From: Leave No Trace and The Green Earth


Invisible Hike Cleanup

Hike Cleanup is where we initiated our journey of #INVISIBLEBAG. Our ultimate vision is to create a future where eco-awareness is intrinsic to everyone, eliminating the need for hike cleanups or beach cleanups altogether. Going beyond the preservation of our planet, our collective sustainable efforts positively impact the well-being of all global inhabitants, allowing them to enjoy the rewards. We firmly believe that genuine impact arises from instilling profound environmental consciousness in every action we undertake, starting with cleanups. Together, we can weave sustainable practices seamlessly into the tapestry of everyday life, cultivating a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

Invisible Hike Cleanup


Invisible Hike Cleanup


Invisible Hike Cleanup


Invisible Hike Cleanup


Hike Cleanup


Hike Cleanup


“Take Away Your Own Garbage”

The collaboration between #INVISIBLEBAG and Wear Earthero has resulted in the creation of a portable outdoor trash bag holder. Crafted from durable and waterproof deadstock fabric, sourced locally in Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong, this innovative design aims to minimize waste by utilizing existing materials. The holder features a stainless double hook (not intended for climbing) and includes a refill package of 120 biodegradable #INVISIBLEBAG trash bags. With its convenience, it enables avid hikers to responsibly carry their own garbage during outdoor activities, promoting the "Leave No Trace" principle and fostering a sustainable lifestyle.



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