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Pick up a poo day inspire change tomorrow x #INVISIBLEPOOBAG

Owning a cat or dog can have a positive impact on our lives but quite a negative impact on the environment, especially when it comes to how their waste is managed.  These days, there are more eco-friendly dog poop bags available to make it easier to be a green pet owner. So we launched the new #INVISIBLEPOOBAG, reducing the amount of plastic bags in landfills — one poop at a time!

Why compostable dog poop bags are not always enough

To answer this question, first we need to understand whether pet poop is compostable. Livestock waste can be composted and transformed into useful soil conditioner or fertilizer for landscaping etc.  

Pet waste produced in Hong Kong Everyday

However, as pet waste (e.g., dog or cat feces) can contain parasites, bacteria and pathogens, most industrial composting facilities do not accept it. Furthermore, many cities don't have industrial facilities that accept compostable packaging and only accept food waste (such as Hong Kong). So while #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is certified compostable according to the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN13432; the ideal way to dispose of #INVISIBLEPOOBAG and its contents is to flush it, or to trash it (where it will biodegrade in anaerobic conditions).

Ditch plastic dog poop bags, go flushable!

Picking up a dog poop in #INVISIBLEPOOBAG

Ideally, people should scoop their pet poop using a newspaper or some leaves before disposing of it but more often than not, dog poop bags (often made of plastic based polymers) have become the popular option for pet owners simply out of pure convenience. We wanted to find a totally plastic free, biodegradable dog poop bag that would offer its customers that same level of convenience.

Certified landfill biodegradable, water soluble, and environmentally safe, #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is an end of life solution that works, regardless of how it is disposed of.

Flush it or trash it, now you have a choice

Instead of just throwing poop bags in pet waste bins, flushing #INVISIBLEPOOBAG down the toilet speeds up the products end of life process. If the toilet isn’t a convenient option, rest assured #INVISIBLEPOOBAG will still biodegrade under the anaerobic conditions in landfill conditions; without leaving any harmful residue behind.

How to dispose of #INVISIBLEPOOBAG by Invisible Company? You can either flush it down the toilet or dispose it in the pet waste bin.

What if my toilet flushing system isn’t sufficient, or using a septic tank?

Firstly, do not knot or tie the #INVISIBLEPOOBAG before flushing and only ever flush one bag at a time. If you are worried your toilet system will struggle, you could dispose of your bags in designated pet waste bins.

Flushable dog poop bags are not suitable for septic tank system, in this case, again pet waste bin is a better option to dispose of your #INVISIBLEPOOBAG.

Will it start to dissolve on a long walk or on rainy days?

As #INVISIBLEPOOBAG is water-soluble and hydrophilic, remember not to expose them to rain for a long time. If your bag does meet condensation or light raindrops it will not break apart abruptly, however its tensile strength will be slowly decreasing.

Pulling an invisiblepoobag to pick up pet waste instead of plastic bags for the dog bill bill

If you're unable to dispose of your pet poop bag and must carry it for a while, causing the waste to condensate or if your pet's waste is a bit ... messy then it is possible the bag will significantly weaken. If this is the case, we recommend lining your bag with some eco-friendly tissue before picking up the poop and disposing of it in a pet waste bin.

Where to buy our dog poop bags? 


#INVISIBLEPOOBAG is now not only available online on our website,  you may now also find it in your favourite grocery shops and pet supplies! Check out this list of our #INVISIBLEPOOBAG Stockist to find your nearest store.


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