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#INVISIBLEPUFF packing peanuts (HK Exclusive)

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    Protect your Products. Protect the Environment. #INVISIBLEPUFF

    Got fragile products to ship but trying to keep your delivery eco-friendly? #INVISIBLEPUFF is water-soluble and plastic-free without compromising on protection, so you can confidently pack your products whilst lowering your impact on the environment.

    Made from corn starch and glycerin, these eco puff packing peanuts completely dissolve in water without leaving any harmful residue behind. Not only are they earth friendly, they are kind to your products too and are shock absorbent, making them suitable to protect a range of light to heavyweight products.

    Don’t wait, pick up your pack of #INVISIBLEPUFF today while stocks last! Looking for more products to ship with? Check out our #INVISIBLEBAG mailer bags and we’ll throw in some extra puffs for you (because we like you). 

    For international orders outside of Hong Kong, please contact hello@invisible-company.com. The Invisible team will get back to you in 47 hours 36 minutes 22 seconds.

      #INVISIBLEPUFF is made of starch and glycerin, which does not contain PP, PE, PVC, PS plastics.

      Size (W x H): 30 x 15 (mm) each individual #INVISIBLEPUFF
      Material: Corn starch and glycerin
      Features:  Water-soluble, Biodegradable, Anti-static
      Color: White
      Weight: Trial Package is at 20g, Standard package is at 140g
      Package: Trial Package in 135 x 135 x 135 (mm), Standard Pack in 360 x 260 x 160 (mm)

      So many different kinds! Ranging from dainty jewellery to smart gadgets, our #INVISIBLEPUFF packing peanuts are made from corn starch and glycerin, meaning they do not carry any electrostatic charge (unlike styrofoam peanuts) so even your sensitive electrical products can be safely packed.

      Yes! As #INVISIBLEPUFF packing peanuts are just a composite made out of cornstarch and glycerin, they will most definitely biodegrade in landfill conditions. Now you may wonder, how come a plastic cup made of corn starch (PLA) can’t degrade in a landfill? PLA is a biobased plastic polymer that is made via a more complex process that gives it more resistance to be used as a commercial material. This however, means that they require specific high temperatures and conditions in order to fully biodegrade.

      The water-soluble packing peanuts may become a little sticky in very humid conditions, but they will not damage your products!

      Our little pieces of water-soluble #INVISIBLEPUFF are a bit softer than regular polystyrene peanuts, we recommend adding a few layers of #INVISIBLEPUFF underneath or around your product, particularly when it comes to heavy items.