Multi Tasker on an Eco Mission: Who is Gwen Lynn?

Invisible Company Meets Environmental Scientist, Gwen Lynn

Gwen Lynn is a woman of many talents and has spent years dedicating her time and energy into spreading the message of how we can all do our best to protect the environment. Invisible Company wanted to talk with Gwen to find out more about her inspiring work and how she is helping to support #INVISIBLEBAG.

Invisible Company meets Gwen Lynn; Environmental Scientist and Activist

An environmental scientist by background, Gwen founded her own company; ‘In A Green Minute’ to show corporations as well as individuals that it only takes a minute to be green and that anyone can get involved. Gwen mainly consults for companies by inspecting the environmental safety aspects of newly constructed buildings but her other projects also include working with corporations to help them avoid Greenwashing their customers, and educating the general public with simple tips and tricks to leading a greener life.

Invisible Company Interviewing Gwen over Zoom

Gwen speaking with Invisible Company's co-founder Devana

“Why choose and support #INVISIBLEBAG as an individual and as an environmental scientist?”

Gwen is extremely passionate about sustainability, and by helping companies to be as transparent as possible, she hopes the general public will be able to access more information about a business or product. 

Aside from Greenwashing, Gwen has found one of the other main obstacles to accessing eco-friendly products is the price of them. Typically, these products tend to be more expensive than the conventional alternatives and whilst people may be interested in them, it may come down to simply not being able to afford them. 

So when Gwen came across Invisible Company in 2020, she was a little uncertain as to just how green #INVISIBLEBAG truly is. However, after doing more of her own research and speaking with the company founders, Gwen quickly learned about the material used and how this could really benefit the development of sustainable packaging as well provide the public with an affordable product and transparent information. 

Gwen's picture promoting the #INVISIBLEBAG

Gwen using #INVISIBLEBAG at bookstore and supermarket

“As an environmental scientist, what are the daily actions you take to fight against climate change and the plastic crisis?”

Gwen understands that people can easily lose interest in, or get overwhelmed by all the information out there about climate change and the ongoing plastic crisis, so she tries to influence her community with her enthusiasm and passion for the environment instead.

When asked about her own daily actions to reduce her environmental impact, Gwen keeps things simple with the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle mantra and finds ways to apply these to all areas of her life. She reduces her food waste by not cooking or ordering more than she needs and by taking any leftovers home. To reuse, Gwen ensures that she always has reusable shopping bags in her car and always says no to plastic bags and to recycle, she is a big supporter of second-hand clothes shopping rather than sending clothes to the landfill.

Gwen always having reusable cutlery with her

Gwen shares about reusing utensils and recycling takeaway boxes

“As individuals, we all have our own fashion attitude to represent our personality and mood. If you applied this to eco-living, what would be your ‘eco with attitude’?”

Casual wear is Gwen’s favorite. A pair of blue jeans and sneakers, no-branded accessories and usually second hand pieces or items made from eco-friendly/upcycled materials. In 2019, she wore a unique dress made out of window blinds to The Emmy Awards where actress Julia Garner was so amazed by the dress, they have kept in touch to this day! 

Gwen attends the Emmy in an upcycled dress

Gwen's eco fashion moment with Julia Garner and Mark Foster at The Emmys Award in 2019


Gwen is truly an inspiration and has shown us how easy it can be to live a less wasteful lifestyle. Focus on reducing, reusing and investing in durable products. Just look at the microwave still being used at her mother’s house - the same one since 1976 and still going strong!

Gwen took a selfie with the microwave from 1970s

Gwen's Samsung microwave from 1976 at home

Invisible Company are thrilled that Gwen came across #INVISIBLEBAG and wanted to take the time to chat more with us. We look forward to seeing what else lies in store for her and what other tips and tricks she has to leading a zero waste lifestyle!

To learn more about Gwen, check out her:
Instagram @inagreenminute
Facebook page In A Green Minute
Twitter @inagreenminute 

Public Speaker at Kruger Cowne public speaking page.


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