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#INVISIBLEBAG Mailer E-Commerce Trial Packs

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We offer FREE USA, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea shipping on any orders.
Your order will be delivered in our dissolvable #INVISIBLEBAG Mailer or reused packaging materials. After receiving your order, please help to dissolve or recycle the outer packaging. Every sustainable choice, big or small, inspires positive change. Thank you for being part of the solution!

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How to dissolve #INVISIBLEBAG?
Is it safe for the environment?
Can I ship with #INVISIBLEBAG mailer?
If #INVISIBLEBAG ends up in the landfill, will it truly biodegrade?
Are the pigments used for #INVISIBLEBAG mailer safe for the environment?
Can I recycle #INVISIBLEBAG?
What is the shelf life of #INVISIBLEBAG? How should I store them?
If I would like to use #INVISIBLEBAG as my packaging and promote it on my company website, what steps would you recommend I take?