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The Animal Fund is a marine conservation organization that aims to protect the mammals in the ocean. They believe a healthy ocean with an abundance of marine life is essential, considering the sea supplies more than 50% of the oxygen in our ecosystem.

Here's a message from Berit Legend, the Founder of The Animal Fund:

"#INVISIBLEBAG is innovative and what is needed in today’s society for reduction of plastic waste. As a marine conservation organization, we are thrilled to finally discover a product that is ocean-friendly and completely biodegradable. We thank Distinctive Action for their commitment and are honored to be their partner."

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Our DIstinctive Partner - RAIDER

Product Specification

Entire Bag : 250mm x 450mm | 9.84" x 17.72" (W x L)

Gusset - Each side: 63.5mm | 2.5" (W x L)

30 micron

Side gusset


Black and Blue for Ocean Blue Limited Edition Only

3 - 4 kg For Dry Items Only

100 pcs of Shopping bags per pack

#INVISIBLEBAG is for businesses who want to make a positive change. The shopping bag is perfect for restaurant takeaways, or for carrying most dry goods you can think of.

Please refer to Can VS Can't table.

We recommend dissolving it in 80℃ hot water or above. Simply put the bag in a container and pour boiling water on top, after a few minutes it will have dissolved. After the dissolution, you can pour the remaining liquid down the drain where the wastewater will be treated at a sewage plant. After being consumed by microorganisms, it will completely break down to only carbon dioxide and water, with no formation of microplastics. #INVISIBLEBAG also dissolves in cold or room temperature water, but at a slower rate.

#INVISIBLEBAG is certified compostable, biodegradable and proven to be plastic-free, non-toxic for the environment by international standards. Supporting test reports include FTIR analysis, ASTM D5511, Vitargent and more.

#INVISIBLEBAG has been tested under ASTM D5511 requirements to determine the anaerobic biodegradation of #INVISIBLEBAG under high-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions and the result shows more than 85% biodegradation in 90 days.

Since#INVISIBLEBAG is water-soluble, it does not enter the recycling program. Our bags can be reused before being dissolved in hot water or via composting (if there are industrial composting facilities in your city) in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

In order to keep#INVISIBLEBAG in good condition, it is delivered with protective outer packaging (please reuse and recycle it), if outer packaging is not opened, shelf life is up to 24 months. When#INVISIBLEBAG is packed with your product, it is suggested to store in a clean room with good air circulation and natural ventilation. We suggest storing it in a temperature range between: 7°C~30°C, humidity: 20%~70%. If stored in the suggested conditions, shelf life is up to 24 months.

As#INVISIBLEBAG is water-soluble and hydrophilic, please remember not to expose it to rain and carry an umbrella to protect both the bag and its carried items. When it meets condensation or light raindrops, the bag will not break apart abruptly, however, its tensile strength will be slowly decreasing. A small splash of fresh water will not affect the loading capacity (3-4 kg in normal conditions), though its appearance will look softened and wrinkled. But if exposed to heavy rain, its strength and structure will quickly weaken and will tear apart.