Finest, Honest, Essentials: Grana x #INVISIBLEBAG

Finest, Honest, Essentials: Grana x #INVISIBLEBAG

H you ever considered what "quality for all" means for the fashion industry? At Grana, our distinctive actor who upholds the values of "Finest," "Honest," and "Essentials", aims to create everlasting clothing for customers with the finest natural fabrics. This collaboration with #INVISIBLEBAG demonstrates how Grana’s values are implemented and contribute to a greener future.


Why Do We Need To Promote Slow Fashion?

The fashion industry is notorious for its fast-paced and unsustainable practices that harm the environment. That is the reason why we need more sustainable clothing brands like Grana who are willing to take social responsibility and offer an alternative - slow fashion. By prioritizing quality over quantity, ethical production, and eco-friendly materials. Grana encourages conscious consumption and helps reduce the environmental impact of our clothing choices. Slow fashion is all about investing in quality, timeless pieces that can be styled in different ways for your OOTD, which refers to the outfit of the day, instead of relying on “wear and tear” fast fashion trends that quickly go out of style.

Art Piece Organic Zone

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Finest Fabrics

Quality is always the principle for Grana, and hence Grana has a mission to travel the world, from the wilds of Inner Mongolia to the valleys of Peru, in search of the finest fabrics and relentless in customer quest to bring high-quality fabric to your doorsteps. On top of that, every piece of Grana fabric has passed internal quality standards and is under third-party inspections, and the origin and information of fabrics, including Silk, Supima Cotton, Cashmere, and Tencel are transparent on their official website. While Grana looks every step into detail throughout the entire manufacturing process as well as ensures partnered factories are complying with the same social compliance, they must make sure no harsh chemicals are added to the fabric and do not create any pollution in our environment.

Grana Finest Fabrics

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Modern Essentials

Long-lasting is the tenet of Grana, they keep testing their yarn, cloth, used water, and dyes processes to design and ensure their quality. Grana’s T-shirt might look ordinary to consumers, but each of them takes at least half a year to produce, Grana has to consider whether its length, size, styles, and designs could still be applicable and worn in the coming five to ten years. Grana has spent much effort to balance and ensure every piece of Grana is timeless and classic. All the clothing is made of natural fibres, apart part from making sustainable and environmentally friendly products, it also allows the consumers to understand Grana’s products are valuable, high-quality, everlasting, and always in trend.

Simple Organic Sustainability Plan

Feather-light fabrics and breezy silhouettes ft- supima cutaway tank with silk cargo pants
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Simple Organic Sustainability Plan

5 popular colors for silk lovers: Emerald, Dark Oak, Copper, Black, and Barolo
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Why #INVISIBLEBAG for Grana?


Invisible Company demonstrates how to dissolve Grana X #INVISIBLEBAG
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The collaboration showcase of customized #INVISIBLEBAG mailer reflects a shared value of acquiring eco-awareness and co-working to mitigate into a circular fashion economy starting from the biodegradable and compostable packages. Before Grana met #INVISIBLEBAG , they had recruited a consultation team for sourcing materials and packaging and spent at least one to two years doing research internally. Carton is one of the most commonly used packagings where excessive packaging is prevalent in the market. For example, it is not hard to find that the size of the carton is too large for a small product, just like un-fitting clothing, where one carton paper box size could be equivalent to several mailers. Thus, this causes unnecessary waste and money due to the unused spaces inside the carton as well as incurred extra delivery cost, regardless of whether it is shipped by sea or air.

Moreover, Grana has heard and come across many packagings which claim that they are perfect, plant-based, or recycled plastic materials, but in fact, the main ingredients are made of traditional plastic PP / PE and do not fulfill our needs. Finally, they discovered #INVISIBLEBAG, and through the media introduction, decided to use it as their eco-packaging solution to achieve their three core corporate values.


Grana X #INVISIBLEBAG Customized Garment Bag & Poly Mailer

Grana's commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry is truly inspiring. By taking the lead in adopting #INVISIBLEBAG from packing clothing to e-commerce delivery, and promoting a green movement, they are setting an example for fellow fashion and sustainable brands to follow. Grana is not only dedicated to producing high-quality clothing but also making a positive impact on the world around us. And when your order arrives at your doorstep, you can rest assured it is packed with eco-friendly #INVISIBLEBAG - a small but meaningful way to reduce waste and protect our planet.

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