Green Common: First X'MAS hampers in #INVISIBLEBAG

Green Common x #INVISIBLEBAG

Christmas surprises do not have to happen at the expense of nature. Green Common sets a noble example to launch its first eco-friendly hamper in #INVISIBLEBAG. Transforming potential holiday wastage into a joyous unboxing experience to remember.

Why eco-friendly gift packaging now?

Green Common XMAS Hampers in #INVISIBLEBAG

Image courtesy of Green Common

Extravagant gift wraps used to excite consumers. However, with climate change a bigger threat now more than ever, over-packaging is losing its appeal. Green Common faced a challenge of bringing that same level of excitement their customers were used to but in an eco-friendly way, leading them to the plastic-free, compostable and water-soluble solution.#INVISIBLEBAG, an eco-friendly alternative that is harmless to our ocean and environment.


Unique gifting experience in #INVISIBLEBAG

Instead of trashing the package in the bin, the customer can choose to prevent wastage by dissolving it in boiling water. #INVISIBLEBAG is a customizable experience that engages and stays with the customers. All they need is a pot of water, and an extra Christmas activity for the family is ready — great for kids to experiment with as well as adults!

How #INVISIBLEBAG Dissolves in Hot Water

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Image courtesy of Green Common

Green common is a plant-based eatery founded in Hong Kong, which reinvents the vegetarian lifestyle by introducing innovative food tech and ‘Food 2.0’ dining concepts from around the world to Asia. In their store, you can find a wide spectrum of vegan food options, including Beyond Meat, Alpha Foods, and Califia Farms.

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