Meet Millionfull, the First Linen Supplier in Hong Kong Since 1978

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Who is Millionfull? 

Ngan’s family started their business in 1978. At that time, they were the pioneer linen wholesalers in Hong Kong and now, there are only a handful left in the region that specialize in linen and hemp fabric. 

Today, Martin Ngan is the second generation of his family and is keeping Millionfull going strong. Rather than expanding their collection to include all kinds of fabric, Martin decided to continue his family’s traditions and focus on providing the best quality linen and hemp fabric as he sees this as the fabric for the future. 

Millionfull's linen and hemp products

Millionfull's Linen and Hemp Products

Why linen and hemp?

The pricing of linen is more expensive than cotton and wrinkles more easily however, for years Millionfull has chosen to focus on linen and hemp due to their eco-friendly characteristics. Compared to cotton, flax plants (what linen is derived from) have a much smaller impact on the land they’re grown on, consume less water and require less pesticides during their harvest process. 

At Millionfull, their linen is made from flax plants sourced from Europe and they also work with other certified organic variants. For these variants, each step of the production from the planting of the flax plants, to the spinning, weaving and dyeing requires certification according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). 

Why did Millionfull choose to use #INVISIBLEBAG?

In the garment industry, especially when it comes to sourcing and merchandising, clients often receive their materials packaged in plastic poly bags. Millionfull is aiming to change this habit, offering sustainable materials to their fashion lover clients that are packed in eco-friendly materials — the total eco package.   

Millionfull packages their Linen sample in #INVISIBLEBAG

Millionfull packages their Linen Samples in #INVISIBLEBAG

When Martin was introduced to #INVISIBLEBAG, he immediately thought it could be a great plastic alternative and a solution to the fabric supplier packaging problem. #INVISIBLEBAG’s afterlife properties and the fact that it converts to only carbon dioxide and water, leaving no harmful residues on earth is what Martin was seeking, to find a product that totally aligns with Millionfull’s mission and values.


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