'My One N Only, Your One N Only' Sustainable Beauty Store!

Monoyono Store x #INVISIBLEBAG in Tsim Sha Tsui

'My One N Only, Your One N Only', or Monoyono for short, is a specialist health and beauty brand that comes from the heart. Each brand and product has been carefully selected by their team of experts in order to provide customers with a range of items to suit every taste and occasion.  

Officially launched in June 2021, Monoyono’s first beauty store is located in LCX, Tsim Sha Tusi. However, they aren’t just beauty experts and also sell a wide range of gift and lifestyle products at their two ‘Inspiring Stores’ located in the Mills, Tsuen Wan and Lee Garden 3, Causeway Bay.


Monoyono's store in Tsim Sha Tusi
Monoyono's inspiring store in LCX, Tsim Sha Tsui

Caring for You, Caring for the Planet

Chu Aromatherapy's product displayMonoyono has been sourcing eco-friendly products for some time now and are firm believers in trying to do their part for the environment, not only our generation but future ones too. 

Tawainese brand, CHU Aromatherapy, for example ensures that they only source the highest quality ingredients from certified organic farms and promote health and wellbeing through natural processes only. 

Similarly, Taiwanese skincare brand, SAWAA explores the relationship between skin and nature and promotes the earth's elements in their all-natural products. 

Taking Steps to Protect the Environment

SAWAA's product displayRecognising that they are now in a good position to be able to influence their customers and share information on environmental issues, they believe it is their social responsibility to take bigger steps towards protecting our planet. If they can show people how simple it can be to make small but impactful changes, then they can encourage more people and more brands to do the same and collectively make huge changes for the environment.  

Not only do they stock natural and eco-friendly brands and products, Monoyono have also thought about sustainable beauty packaging where possible. To further explore this, one of the latest changes they have implemented is working together with #INVISIBLEBAG to provide customers with a plastic free shopping bag for their beauty store.

Monoyono x #INVISIBLEBAG shopping bag collaboration

Monoyono's custom #INVISIBLEBAG

Customer Feedback

Customer shops at a Monoyono storeMonoyono always puts their customers' best interests first and takes the time to get their feedback on the products and brands they are working with.

After launching #INVISIBLEBAG, Monoyono found that their customers were not overly familiar with the water soluble, biodegradable and plastic free bag being handed to them but once they received an explanation from staff, they were very supportive and excited to test their water-solubility.

More and more, they have received feedback that people think the bags are a great opportunity to take home and educate their families and friends about eco-friendly products, helping to spread the word and get more people interested in being eco-conscious! 


Monoyono always keep an eye on the latest trends in lifestyle and beauty, to make sure you don’t miss their updates, follow them here: @monoyono_hk, https://monoyono.hk/


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