Bridging Mother Earth and Clean Beauty: Simple Organic

Collaboration with #INVISIBLEBAG: Bridging Mother Earth and Clean Beauty: Simple Organic's Beauty Bond

When delving into the profound bond between mother and daughter — a connection of sacred significance that resonates with beauty enthusiasts and our beloved Mother Earth. This remarkable bond serves as the inspiration behind Simple Organic, a trailblazing beauty brand committed to organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced products. As leaders in the green beauty market, Simple Organic embodies the intertwining of natural beauty and our responsibility to protect our planet. Far from a fleeting trend, clean beauty has become an unwavering force, establishing a new beauty standard that demands attention. Explore our blog and see how our distinctive actor from Brazil embraces beauty that seamlessly aligns with our dedication to preserving the environment and nurturing our inner radiance.

#1 How did Simple Organic start as a sustainable beauty and skincare brand?

Simple Organic is born from a heartwarming story between Patricia and Maya, our founder and CEO, and her daughter. One day while breastfeeding, Maya rubbed off some synthetic makeup particles from Patricia’s face, thus bringing it to her mouth. This embarks a question to Patricia: “What can I do to leave a positive impact on my daughter's generation?" and she answered herself with a calling of creating natural, sustainable, and safe cosmetics. This touching moment prompted Patricia and inspired her to embark on a journey of a green beauty revolution.

Art Piece Organic Zone

Patricia Lima, founder and CEO of Simple Organic Beauty

#2 How Simple Organic Beauty creates ethical products and educates consumers about veganism, natural, and organic raw materials?

With a belief in the collective contribution of the circular economy, Simple Organic values its customers as the "Simple Community" for a reason. Their focus extends beyond product sales to educating individuals about the positive impacts of their purchases. Through engaging exchanges on social networks, their official website, and physical stores, they strive to empower their community with sufficient education and knowledge for every purchase. Every new product launch is accompanied by a transparent narrative, revealing the story behind, its product ingredients and origins and emphasizing the choice of sustainable alternatives. This approach has garnered a highly positive response from environmental activists and individuals seeking to embrace sustainable products.

Evolve Organic Beauty

Simple Organic provides an ingredient guide for their products on their website
Source From: Simple Organic Global Website

#3 How is the Brazilian citizen understanding and recognizing the importance of maintaining a sustainable lifestyle?

As reported by Beauty Premium News in 2021, Brazil has witnessed a growing demand for natural beauty products, experiencing double-digit growth. Additionally, the country has seen a rise in the launch of responsible skincare brands, both during and after the pandemic. With this growing awareness of Brazilian consumers, Simple Organic, as one of the leading green beauty brands in the nation, reckons that there is an urgent need to change consumption habits since whiting all the environmental disasters, polluted oceans and the Amazon buring.

Environmental Disasters Source From: Unslpash

Environmental Disasters
Source From: Unsplash

Although there is still progress to be made toward the ideal scenario, several sectors in Brazil have already acknowledged that it is impossible to use disposable materials on a daily basis, which has led people to search for durable alternatives. Furthermore, at Simple Organic, they understand the importance of this shift and strive to provide products and solutions that bond with the earth, fostering a stronger connection between their customers and the planet we call home. By offering eco-friendly choices and promoting conscious consumption, they aim to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Stop Plastic

Stop Plastic Pollution
Source From: Canva

#4 What is the sustainability culture like at Simple Organic? Any other sustainable goals and initiatives to share?

In Simple Organic, they neutralize CO2 emissions across their infrastructure and transportation, including their administrative headquarters, stores, distribution centers, and trips they take, from Ubers to air travel. Additionally, they have implemented collection points for reverse logistics of packaging in their stores and offices, allowing their team to actively participate in sustainable activities. As a beauty corporate certified by Eu Reciclo, they ensure the recycling of 100% of their packaging, reflecting their commitment to sustainability with well-established sustainability policies.

Simple Organic Sustainability Plan

Simple Organic Sustainability Plan
Source From: Simple Organic Global Website

#5 Why #INVISIBLEBAG for Simple Organic?

With the same values of collective endeavors and green actions, #INVISIBLEBAG serves as a great and unique opportunity to further engage the "Simple Community" or "Invisible Community" in a sustainable movement. Customers leave the store with their latest Clean Beauty products and have the transformative experience of dissolving the #INVISIBLEBAG, ensuring it flows down the drain without any toxic residues harming the planet. This integration is a fundamental part of the customer experience, fostering a sense of involvement and raising awareness of the impact of their consumption choices. Working with zero waste materials has always been a long-standing aspiration, and introducing this innovative solution to the market is indeed a huge achievement in our journey.

Simple Organic

Simple Organic x #INVISIBLEBAG Collaboration

Simple Organic

Simple Organic as Distinctive Actor at Invisible Community

#6 How does Simple Organic incorporate sustainability and eco-friendliness into day-to-day actions?

With a green DNA ingrained in Simple Organic values and practices, they believe not only in starting with small actions but also using their voice for education and raising eco-awareness. When you visit their website in Brazil, consumers are allowed to check out the “Carbon Neutral Shipping” option to neutralize the CO2 emitted by freight, which is already a way of educating about the environmental impact. Besides, by being present in pharmacies, where synthetic beauty brands prevail, Simple Organic enables individuals to make sustainable and eco-friendly choices by opting for their natural alternatives. This approach aims to democratize conscious consumption and empower people to contribute to a more sustainable future. Such efforts demonstrate their commitment to their green DNA and making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Simple Organic Shopping Cart

Carbon Neutral Shipping Option At Shopping Cart
Source From: Simple Organic Brazil Website


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